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QuickBooks Customers Targeted in Ongoing Series of Phishing Attacks

QuickBooks Customers Targeted in Ongoing Series of Phishing Attacks


Intuit has warned that customers of its widely used software program QuickBooks are being targeted in an ongoing series of phishing attacks impersonating the company and trying to lure them with fake account suspension warnings.

Intuit received multiple reports from users who received phishing emails claiming that their QuickBooks accounts were suspended due to a failed business info review. Clicking on links within the phishing email will likely redirect the recipients to a landing phishing site designed to harvest their personal information or infect their systems with malware.What does this mean for me and my firm?If you use QuickBooks, notify your colleagues now so that they are aware of the phishing campaign and can delete any suspicious emails. Intuit recommends that QuickBooks users who have already opened attachments or clicked links after receiving one of the phishing emails should take the following steps:

  • Delete any downloaded files immediately.
  • Scan their systems using an up-to-date anti-malware solution.
  • Change their passwords

Read more about the QuickBooks phishing attack here.

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