Investment Administration

Investment Administration

Reliable fund administration

We support private equity, venture funds, and hedge funds with comprehensive fund administration and shareholder services.

Our Services

Valuation and Reporting Services

  • Monthly, quarterly, or annual valuations
  • Account for fund’s portfolio trades, income accruals, and other portfolio activity
  • Determine net investment income for funds
  • Calculate fund’s net asset value
  • Report partner values for each valuation date to authorized parties
  • Prepare reports that support ledger balances

Expense Accruals and Payment Services

  • Maintenance and payment of expenses as necessary
  • Calculate expense accrual amounts
  • Account for fund expenditures
  • Expense accrual and payment reporting

Tax Preparation Support Services

  • Analysis of wash sales, constructive sales, and other potential tax adjustments as part of the year-end tax analysis
  • Complete maintenance and analysis of partnership allocations of income, expenses, gains, and losses on a GAAP basis
  • Facilitation and support of K-1 preparation with accounting firm of choice
  • Distribution of K-1s to investors, accountants, or other interested parties with appropriate authorization

Annual Audit Support Services

  • Preparation of financial statements, including the schedule of investments
  • Notes to the financial statements
  • Preparation of statement of cash flows
  • Creation of work papers including roll-forwards and analysis of balances and information in financial statements
  • Complete facilitation of the annual audit
  • Distribution of audited financial statements to investors

Accounting Services

  • Detailed portfolio accounting and record keeping
  • Obtain security prices
  • Interest and dividend accruals
  • Multi-currency accounting
  • Multi-class accounting
  • Detailed integrated general ledger accounting
  • Calculation of contractual expenses including management and performance fees
  • Daily cash, holdings, and settlement reconciliation with fund custodian / prime broker
  • Posting / reconciliation of fund and investor activity
  • Determine gain / loss on security sales
  • Calculation of fund performance