FilePoint Regulatory Filings 2022-07-21T10:44:14-04:00

FilePoint® is a full-service filing agent that streamlines SEC compliance for registered investment companies.

Traditional Services

  • EDGAR: We provide full document conversion and filing services for investment companies and investment advisers.
  • Typesetting: We produce high quality documents delivered quickly and accurately – including prospectuses, financial reports, fact sheets, and marketing pieces.
  • iXBRL: Clients trust our team of iXBRL experts to guide them through the iXBRL process with accuracy, a quick turnaround time and deep technical knowledge.
  • Printing & Fulfillment: Our fulfillment platform and print expertise can provide considerable efficiency for your printing and mailing needs.
  • NPORT + NCEN: We utilize our foundation of regulatory knowledge, technical ability, and strong service model to offer a full solution for SEC modernization reporting requirements.

Digital Services

  • Website Development: We work exclusively within the financial industry to offer fully compliant websites with limitless customization for funds, ETFs, and investment advisers.
  • AutoFact / FUND FACT SHEET AUTOMATION: We automate the production of customized fact sheets, producing high quality output quickly.
  • FundDocs / DOCUMENT LINKING + HOSTING: In addition to creating web-ready files with bookmarks and required links between documents, we host any documents on a customized webpage with links to view, download, and request printed copies.
  • ETFData / ETF DATA PAGE + SITE PLUGIN: We can fulfill the daily posting requirements specific to ETFs by seamlessly automating data feeds into an existing website.
More details are included on FilePoint.com.