Performance Services

Performance Services

Simplify your GIPS® Audit Response and Performance Reporting.

Our team of experts provides hands-on support and guidance throughout the entire process.

Our Performance team partners with asset managers through two distinct lines of service:

  • Audit Support for Managers Claiming GIPS®
  • Composite Management Solutions and Performance Reporting

Audit Support for Managers Claiming GIPS

At Fairview, we understand that preparing to attain compliance with GIPS is a significant undertaking. We also understand that maintaining compliance with GIPS requires a lot of time, focus, and attention to detail.

We help asset managers by taking on the bulk of preparation and ongoing administrative support required to maintain compliance with GIPS.

Services include:

Verification Preparation

  • Develop GIPS policies and procedures
  • Prepare list of composites
  • Work with manager to formulate the Composite definitions and descriptions
  • Draft GIPS Reports that meet the disclosure and presentation of performance requirements

Ongoing Verification Support

  • Receive and assess the audit request
  • Prepare and submit manager responses to the verifier request list
  • Correspond with verifier regarding questions or follow up requests
  • Review verifier recommendations and make updates to:
    • GIPS policies and procedures
    • Composite definitions and descriptions
    • Composite membership
    • GIPS Reports

Composite Management Solutions and Performance Reporting

Composite management solutions are a good fit for firms that need additional support meeting performance reporting goals. Our team provides hands-on support throughout the entire process, including onboarding, report development, and reporting.

Services include:

Onboarding Support

  • Work with firms to identify composites, unassigned accounts, calculation methodology preference, systems and form of data
  • Document composite policies and procedures
  • Establish communication channel for account status changes and composite membership updates

Ongoing Communication

  • Account status changes
  • Account mandate changes
  • Other composite membership updates

Monthly Extraction

  • Interface with firm’s system to extract relevant information, including month-end values for each account, account gross, etc.

Customized Composite Reporting

  • Monthly Reports
  • Quarterly Reports
  • Annual Reports




GIPS® is a registered trademark owned by CFA Institute.