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New Security Feature for Web CRD and IARD Systems

New Security Feature for Web CRD and IARD Systems


For Super Account Administrators (SAAs) and Account Administrators (AAs) on FINRA’s Web CRD or IARD platforms, a new security feature is now required as part of the login process.

For these administrators, FINRA is phasing in a multi-factor authentication feature for access to the CRD and IARD systems to view, create, and submit filings such as Form ADV or U-4s.

This multi-factor authentication (sometimes referred to as MFA) requires users to verify login requests with a combination of existing credentials and through verification on a mobile device. This process adds an additional layer of security and helps prevent user accounts from being compromised.


If you are an SAA or AA on the Web CRD or IARD systems, FINRA will contact you, typically by email, to enable multi-factor authentication. You will be contacted prior to the requirement becoming active. For some administrator users, this transition has already taken place.

Contact Fairview with questions about the new requirement or for additional guidance on cybersecurity best practices.