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Importance of Patching Log4j Flaw


The Federal Trade Commission (FTC) has warned U.S. organizations failing to secure customer data against Log4Shell zero-day vulnerability could face legal repercussions.

The week of January 3rd, the consumer protection agency warned that the serious flaw in the Log4j logging library is being exploited by a growing number of attackers and poses a severe risk to millions of consumer products. Organizations were urged to mitigate vulnerabilities in an effort to reduce the likelihood of harm and potential legal actions.


The FTC has jurisdiction over businesses providing services through interstate commerce, which covers most investment advisers. The FTC is encouraging organizations to update Log4j software packages to the most recent version, to take steps to mitigate the vulnerabilities and to distribute information about vulnerabilities to third-parties and consumers who have potential to be affected. Firms should coordinate with their managed service providers to monitor for updates and quickly apply patches once available.

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