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How to Plan for a Pandemic

How to Plan for a Pandemic


Health officials worldwide are monitoring a respiratory illness outbreak caused by a new coronavirus named COVID-19. Fairview has a plan for monitoring and responding to this potential pandemic and we encourage your firm to do the same.


Below are important resources and information regarding pandemic response measures:

  • Response Planning: Gather a response plan and policy to address a potential pandemic.
  • Monitoring: Establish an in-house Response Team, comprised of key employees, responsible for monitoring information on COVID-19; these individuals should communicate relevant updates to members of the firm as needed.
  • Travel:
    • If members of your firm travel out of state, especially to high-risk areas, consider requesting they work remotely until it is clear they are not affected by the virus
    • Monitor travel restrictions.
  • Minimizing Potential Impact:
    • Ensure that you maintain a clean office space and wash hands frequently.
    • Employees who feel sick should stay home.
    • Establish a plan in case your firm experiences higher than usual absenteeism.

For more in-depth information regarding COVID-19 and how it may affect where you reside, please reference the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention website.