Performance Services

Performance Services

Composite maintenance, made easy.

Composite management solutions for firms looking to create and maintain composites, calculate composite performance, and prepare composite performance presentations.

Composite management solutions are a good fit for firms that need additional support meeting performance reporting goals. We will create a custom solution to fit your process and tailor services to the specific circumstances of your firm. Our team can help close the loop on your composite reporting process and assist you with meeting regulatory requirements.

Composite Maintenance Services include the following:

  • Assistance in the construction of composites and tracking of unassigned portfolios in accordance with the asset manager’s policies
  • Management of composite populations
  • Calculation of composite performance
  • Creation of composite presentations and other marketing material

Solutions are highly customized build outs for firms needing tailored performance calculations such as:

  • Account and or composite net of fee calculations
  • Recurring analysis of supporting calculations to ensure the model fee used is still proper
  • Calculation of net of performance-based fees
  • Recurring outlier analysis and review