Webinar: The New Private Fund Reforms— Legal and Compliance Considerations

The New Private Fund Reforms include several new provisions that raise complicated legal and compliance considerations. During this webinar, regulatory experts walk through these rules as well as next steps for advisers.

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The New Private Fund Rules–Legal and Compliance Considerations

On August 23, 2023, the SEC voted to adopt enhanced regulations of private fund advisers and to update the Compliance Rule for all investment advisers. On September 1, 2023, six private equity and hedge fund trade groups sued the SEC to block the new private fund reforms. However, the rule is and will remain final unless vacated by the court, so compliance programs should start preparing now.

During the webinar, Amber Allen, Fairview General Counsel and Executive Vice President, and Genna Garver, Troutman Pepper Partner, discussed legal and compliance considerations such as the Restricted Activities Rule, Legacy Status, the Preferential Treatment Rule, and more. They also covered next steps for private fund advisers.

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